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Africa Turkey Dresses

These are beautifully made women's dresses. Good quality, with a great finishing touch.They are washable in Machines or by hand. The dresses come in two colors and different sizes. Both sleeveless dress and jacket are made from the finest material that is tailored to be highly breathable a..
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High-quality well fitted classy ladies' dresses in various styles. Polyester and Spandex. Washable by hand and Machine. Well-lined professional dress.Suitable for any occasion including church, Office, Work, Casual, Evening Outing Cocktail Dress..
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These are beautifully made women's dresses. They are of good quality, with great finishing touches. They fit perfectly and do not stretch. They are washable by a Machine or by hand. Standards, good quality, and affordable prices are our top priorities. Different sizes are available. A..
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Are you tired of low disappointing dresses bought online? This is the problem we hope to solve. Quality, beautiful feminine dresses are our priorities. High-quality dresses. Well-lined and professionally made dresses are what we sell. They are available in different sizes, from small to plus sizes.&..
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Material: Polyester/Nylon. Free-flowing dress with various sizes and printed designs. There are more designs to see. You can ask for more pictures.Neck: V shapePocket: on both sidesGet ready for the Summertime!Measurement in CM:..
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