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Return and Refund Policy

At Milestands we ensure you get the best service and goods in their best shape and quality, but just in case, we also allow you place a request for a return of your purchased product(s) if you aren't satisfied with the delivery. Please ensure you tell us why your request was made to help us better your experience. Below are the steps to request a return.


Login to your account

Go to your acounts profile page

Go to the right-sidebar and click on "Returns"

Fill in the necessary details for the order you wish to return

Your Return order will be submitted for approval. You shall be notofied through your email when your request is approved

To check your approval request status, go to the "MY ACCOUNT" section of your Account dashboard and click on "View your return requests" 

Please take note:

1.) We allow free returns within five days of purchase.

2.) Returned item(s) must be undamaged and in good shape and package. We will not accept any damaged or altered items after delivery

3.) The refund processing time after the request is made will take a total of 5 days.