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Terms & Conditions

These General terms and conditions of our company solely belong to us and can be changed by us at any time. The following are the company’s terms and conditions that are important for every user and customer:

  • To maintain your account security and allow you access, we will ask you to create a strong and complex password. The account information needs to be kept confidential. 
  • We shall not be liable for the damage caused from your end in the protection of your personal information. 
  • In case we are dubious of any action from your record that seems false, we can maintain whatever authority is needed to decline your admittance to, and where essential, erase your record.
  • On the off chance that you utilize our Guest Checkout, we will hold your data to deal with your request.
  • On the off chance that you as of now have an Account, we will endeavor to coordinate with your information with your current record data if not we will hold your data for future orders that you may make.
  • The culmination of checkout online doesn't comprise our acknowledgment of your request from us. You will be informed by email at the earliest opportunity with affirmation that we are handling your request. Our acknowledgment of your request will happen just when we take an installment from you and the dispatch of the product(s) is affirmed.
  • We have the right, preceding dispatching the product(s) to decay a request under any circumstance, including lawful and administrative reasons. 
  • Our agreement with you will begin when you get the request dispatch email and stay set up until the last day of your entitlement to return the items. 
  • On the off chance that we can't supply you with every one of the items you requested, we won't handle the pieces of your request inaccessible. We will illuminate you regarding this by email and, if you have as of now paid for the product(s), discount you in full for the item(s) when sensibly conceivable.
  • If the satisfaction of any part of a request would be illicit or unlawful, we reserve the privilege to stop or stop to satisfy the request whenever including after the dispatch of items or notice to you that the request is being handled. In such conditions, you recognize that Milestands will cause no risk.
  • During the checkout cycle, you will be approached to enter your payment information. All fields demonstrated as necessary should be finished. 
  • By finishing payment subtleties, you affirm that the technique is utilized to make the payment has a place with you, or is in your name where an understanding is gone into with any credit or outsider supplier. 
  • We don't store your payment data, despite how outsider suppliers utilized by us might be utilizing encoded secure payment components that could store your information. If it's not too much trouble, see individual payment provider sites for additional data on how they hold your data gathered at payment.
  • We take full payment quickly for all items, except if you join to pay for your request utilizing our outsider credit supplier. Card payments will be dependent upon authorization from your card backer, and credit offices subject to a credit check. 
  • Items requested a stay on the property of Milestand until they have been gathered available, or we have conveyed them to the location indicated by you.
  • On the off chance that you have effectively gotten the items you requested from us, yet your payment was not received, you should either pay for the things or return them to us in the very condition that you got them, as per our sensible return guidelines and at your own cost. On the off chance that you neglect to do this within 30 days from the date on which we tell you of the retraction of the request, we might arrange an assortment of the items to your detriment.
  • We claim all authority to charge you for all harm to any items that are the subject of a neglected request.
  • Timescales and charges for delivery fluctuate contingent upon the items requested, your conveyance address and country, and the delivery administrations accessible. You'll discover full subtleties of our delivery charges here. 
  • Delivery to the location or store is determined in your request. If nobody is accessible at a private or other location at the hour of conveyance, our messenger will exhort whether your request has been left in a predetermined safe spot, or got back to the terminal/mailing station. 
  • At the point when the items are conveyed to the delivery address determined in your request, all danger including misfortune or harm to the items will pass to you. 
  • We will be under no obligation for any inability to deliver items when determined if the deferral or disappointment is completely or mostly brought about by conditions outside our ability to control.

These terms and conditions are governed as per the Canadian Laws.